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Get Colossus Clash!

Gear up in your mech suit and join the battle

Take the fight to the enemy in this VR destruction based fighting game that puts you in the place of a newly arisen Colossus with freedom to protect the world from the other Colossi, or use the buildings and vehicles to your advantage to take down your foe's. Buildings collapse around you, as you attempt to defeat the enemies that want to take over.

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Magma UI.png




Amazing game


I’ve been following development on TikTok since they first started. Once I saw that he released it I was super excited. The game is super fun, throwing monsters to building is super fun. I would 100% recommend this game to other people



The best game I have


The reason I say this is you can drag monster through buildings and throw cars and there is so much destruction in the game. This by far is my favourite game it is perfect




Amazing game with loads of stuff to do can’t wait to see what the next couple of updates bring!

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