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Take a look at the store pages below if you are interested in picking up the best destruction game in VR.

Frenzy VR is a game full of mayhem and destruction. You are placed inside carefully constructed environments where you can go mad and be free to do what you please in a world without consequences. A VR game where all objects can be a weapon, with the added bonus of having satisfying destruction physics. Frenzy VR is great for stress relief, anger management, and of course just having a bit of fun! Frenzy VR has a complete story mode with extra hints scattered around for those interested in diving deeper into the lore, and lots of weapons and items to collect for completionists.





Great game


I love this game with all the guns I have had it since it came out and it just keeps getting better. Since they finished the story mode it gives me more things to do and they also added some new amazing maps





I’ve played this game over and over again it’s so good the guns,maps,and npc,overall 10/10


Easily top 3 vr game, I can't even describe how spectacular this game is, I don't know what's so good about it, it's either the destruction, mayhem, or story, easily one of the best vr games I've ever played.

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